The medical record of your child has gone from paper chart to an electronic chart. You can view your child’s medical records via computer system. This software is organised in such a way that allows you to easily see various parts of his medical history generated during his tenure in the school in an organised manner.
This software can safely store & preserve the health record for future references.
You shouldn’t worry as the user id /password is not shared with anyone.
By updating the immunization record of your child, you will have a proof of compliance with immunization requirements as per recommended schedule.
Benefits of health records increases self satisfaction, by updating records periodically at one place is an easy way of managing health records. By updating medical Info section it will become easy for the school to attend to a child suffering from any medical condition or if he/she is allergic to any food or medicines & can be attended promptly.
The record here is more secure than a paper chart. The system is password protected. It requires user login id & password for each user. Mechanism has been put in place to track down which charts are viewed by which login & what part of record is accessed & edited.
Blue Circle Medi Services

View the results or the report of the annual health check up carried out in the school.

Today’s lifestyle poses significant he alth hazards for even young children. Just as you compare your child’s performance w.r.t his/her peers, would you not want to know as to how your child fares in comparison to his peers regarding the important health indicators like BMI, etc., so that you may suitably guide/motivate him/her towards a better health outcome.

View a comparative analytics to see where your child stands w.r.t the rest of his/her class regarding the important health indicators like BMI, etc. .